DECOTRA development from the system bacsi24 science to be specified by the doctor group with the professional level, Public Decotra is a in the business in Vietnam in the field: Research, register certificate of the Product Quality of the Y tế and provide a service for the following job made in the order.

With the heart, the next summon and the latest information of the resource in the countries, the family expert group of Decotra is combined with the research unit in and out of water for the given life of the health care server and home export out of the field. Your Products of Decotra is processed with 100% from the herbal, your integer from the natural associated with the public of the client in the outside of the external trust and the rating.


Ngày 12/7, Công ty cổ phần DECOTRA và Viện Răng-Hàm-Mặt, trường Đại học Y Hà Nội đã ký kết hợp đồng hợp tác sản xuất và phân phối nước súc miệng HMU_FLUORINZE 0,05% Fluoride.


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